The advisory process at Anchor Capital Advisors is based on these 3 fundamental pillars in order to develop this function adequately.

Knowledge of the


Anchor is enforced to classify investors under MiFID European directive to appropriately advise institutional, professional and retail clients.

Retail Clients

Retail customers are those who are not professionals. Clients of this classification have the highest degree of protection and pre- and post-contractual information.

>Retail Clients
Professional Clients

Professional Clients

Professional clients will be those who are presumed the experience, knowledge and qualifications necessary to make their own investment decisions and correctly assess their risks.

Investment advice

Investment Advice implies that Anchor will obtain the necessary information about its clients and, where appropriate, potential clients, in relation to the following aspects, in order to recommend the investment services and financial instruments that are most convenient:

· Your investment objectives and needs.
· Your knowledge and experience in the field of investment corresponding to the type of product or specific service in question.
· Your financial situation.

In the field of advice, it is vital that the advisor knows the client and his / her needs in order to establish investment objectives in accordance with the risk tolerance of the client, his / her needs in a specific time horizon and available assets.