The advisory process at Anchor Capital Advisors is based on these 3 fundamental pillars in order to develop this function adequately.

Determining the customer profile


Planning is vital to the financial advisory activity.

Starting from the premise that the circumstances are not static, but vary over time, we must anticipate possible contingencies. For this, it is important to develop an action plan that allows us to obtain a positive return on equity and to meet future needs.

We call Financial Planning, the preparation of an action plan in which we take into account equity, income, recurring expenses and anticipated future needs. The development of such a plan will allow us to allocate resources in the most efficient way possible. In this way, while we obtain a positive return, we can satisfy the existing capital needs and eliminate the existence of idle assets in the portfolio or the possibility of being in a situation of illiquidity.

Tax Planning, on the other hand, seeks to maximize the efficient investment of resources destined to the investment through the reduction of the tax burden (understanding by tax burden the tax actually paid by the taxpayer).

Both processes are two complementary and essential pillars for the efficient management of the heritage. That is why in Anchor we base the advisory activity on the guidelines marked after the analysis of the financial situation and the tax planning for each client.