Anchor resume from 29 of December to 5 of January 2017

Anchor resume from 29 of December to 5 of January 2017


We conclude a week marked by the optimism of investors for the new year. Advances in stock indexes were generalized, continuing the upward trend of recent months.

The IBEX35 led the gains of the European indices, recovering in the first week of the year part of the land lost in December, quoting over 10,362 points with a weekly variation close to + 3.0%, for its part the DAX was scored close of + 2.0% while the Eurostoxx exceeded 3,599 points with gains of more than 2%.

With equal optimism began the year the American stock market, the Dow Jones exceeded the level of 25,000 points accumulating weekly gains of + 1.4% marking a new record high. For its part, the S & P advanced above 2,700 points with a positive variation of 2%.

In Asia markets continue to advance, at the end of the week the Nikkei stood at 23,714 points + 4.17% while Hang Seng exceeded the 30,000 barrier and closed with gains of + 2.9%.

Despite being a week with festive days in most countries, we have important macroeconomic references that maintain a favorable tone. In the Euro Zone, the services PMI of December was published with a reading of 56.6 points (previous and estimated 56.5), while the manufacturing PMI was at 60.6 points, which allows us to anticipate economic growth for the new year.

The production price index in the Euro Zone stood at 2.8% for the month of November, pressured by the energy sector mainly, exceeding market expectations. However, the inflation figure was disappointing, the preliminary CPI for December stood at 1.4%. Although it was in line with the market forecasts, it remained below the forecasts of the European Central Bank. The slow evolution of prices, distance the objective of 2% and decreases pressure from the Central Bank to tighten monetary policy.

The sectors that pushed upward were energy, followed by food, alcohol and tobacco

In Germany, the data was favorable. The leading indicators continue to show expansionary rates (manufacturing PMI 63.3 and services 55.8). On the other hand, the unemployment rate surprised positively by 5.5% (estimated 5.6%) as well as the figure for retail sales which stood at 2.3% (estimated 1.1%).

The sectors that pushed up were energy, followed by food, alcohol and tobacco.

In the currency market, the EUR / USD remained around 1.20 with slight gains during the week, while the EUR / GBP closed around 0.895 without much variation.

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