Market's evolution 07 of September to 11 of September 2015

Market's evolution 07 of September to 11 of September 2015


The week was again influenced by the turbulences in the markets. The evolution of the Chinese economy follows being the greatest concern for the investors, as well as the uncertainty related to the decision that the FED will make next Thursday 17th about the types of interest rates in the United States.

The data published in the Zone Euro aims to the fact that growth during the second quarter remained positive surpassing estimates (GDP 2T +0.4% current vs +0.3% expected). In spite of this, the confidence investor has become deteriorated in the recent sessions, with the elections in Catalonia and Greece as a uncertainties in the short term.
The members of the ECB said during the week that the recovery would be slower of the expected, and that if it was necessary, they would extend the purchases of goods program. Despite the attempts of stabilization and of the great welcome that those programs had, it hasn’t ease the situation of uncertainty.
In the United Kingdom, after the meeting of the BOE, the aim of inflation has been kept in 2% without being affected by the external events, this fact affected in positive way the pound. They did not realize modifications in the types.

The markets in EE.UU remained closed on Monday because it was the day of the Work. What concern the most to the investors is the decision that the FED will make in the next meeting of his committee of open market, as well as the economic projections that will be published. Goldman Sachs reviewed his forecast of growth to the low for the 3*T to +2.3% since the +2.4% previous. In spite of this, the data published referred to the labor market show a favorable and robust situation.

In Asia, the protagonist is China again, after the publication of macroeconomic data that aims to a situation of slowdown after an important fall of the prices earned by the Chinese manufacturers of the -5.9% to the August.

It is necessary to highlight the strong exits of funds in equity world-wide along the last days attended that the investors decided being neutral in their strategies in front of the existent uncertainty to the market. In the Eurozone, the index that suffered the worst behavior along the week was the IBEX35 because of the decrease of the qualification of Brazil and his impact in the Spanish companies, as well as the worry for the parliamentary elections of Catalonia, falling about a -0.85%. In EE.UU the weekly balance has been positive, with rises of +3.31% in the case of the technological index Nasdaq100. In China, in spite of the good weekly behavior (+4%), regulators plan to create a mechanism that interrupt the purchase-sale of actions to the market in order to avoid tragic days.

In the market of commodities, is important to highlight the negative trend of the oil after that Goldman Sachs recessed the objective price of the drum to 20USD/Brent.