Obtaining the investor's confidence is essential to developing good financial advice. How get the investor's trust if they don't know us?

We only see one way to move forward in building trust:

> Our fees are aligned with the result obtained by our advice.

> Our independent analysis capabilities of the financial markets are exclusively at the service of our clients.


Create value

We study the investment policy of the SICAV or the fund to find where we can bring more value to shareholders.


We agree on the investment strategy with the main shareholders, within the management mandate, and communicate it to the management company.


We validate the investment universes appropriate to the chosen strategy.


We carry out the optimal long-term asset allocation based on the decided strategy.


We select the assets within the universes with the criteria of maximizing return and minimizing risk.


We adjust the tactical exposure bands according to the market circumstances and the assets themselves over time.


We issue the recommendations to the management company to validate and execute them.


We monitor the portfolio and control its market risk daily.

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From our offices in Barcelona, we advise our clients fully independently, with strict professional criteria and free from any conflict of interest.


David Gassó


Economist, Certified European Financial Adviser by the European Financial Planning Association - EFPA. President of Economistas Asesores Financieros (EAF) and member of the General Council of Economists of Spain and of the Commission of Financial Economics of the College of Economists of Catalonia.