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Anchor Capital Appreciation SICAV

Anchor Capital Appreciation SICAV

Anchor Capital Appreciation SICAV is Anchor Capital Advisors' response to investors who want to increase the purchasing power of their savings, based on the principles of our motto Invest Well Advised.

Combining a disciplined value-seeking process with a flexible and consistent long-term investment strategy, we seek to obtain capital growth for investors who do not need to withdraw their investment for a minimum of five years.

The fund invests in mid-, large-, and mega-cap stocks with a high level of market liquidity, in institutional passive exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and in futures and options on equity indices that are settled against a clearing house in an organized market, all of which are highly liquid assets in normal market conditions.

How to invest?

  • It is a security listed on BME (Stock Exchanges and Markets) with ISIN code ES0160953032 and Ticker S2002.
  • It can be bought and sold from any bank, financial institution and securities company or agency.
  • Minimum investment: 1 share at net asset value.
  • Allows transfers from an investment fund with tax deferral.
  • It is currently not transferable to another SICAV or investment fund.
  • Legal information is available here.


The greater the time invested, the lower the probability of loss

Capital growth:

The importance of respecting the investment term

Consistent returns with a minimum investment term:


A track record that supports consistent performances:

Portfolio Construction

Average Asset Allocation:

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