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Private investors

Individual Investors

Anyone can invest. There is a wide universe of assets in the market: stocks, bonds, futures, options, exchange-traded funds, active or passive funds, alternative or mixed assets, thematic investments… The real question is: How to do it wisely? Which is the best option out there?

The answer is simple: invest well advised, supported by a wealth manager with expertise in independant financial advice, Anchor Capital Advisors EAF.


Generate steady growth in the long run.


Through a selection of the best global investment funds.


With a personalized portfolio, built and monitored by the best professionals.

"Invest well advised" is the key to generating a path of long-term capital growth. Over 30 years of experience give us the knowledge to help you navigate the financial markets. We guide you in the right direction to achieve your goals, with an investment portfolio according to your needs.

Why Anchor?

Our strategies have outperformed traditional banking products by up to 10% (for a similar risk profile).

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What we do?

  • We select the best investment ideas from more than 5,000 stocks, 10,000 bonds and 37,000 mutual funds.

  • We design strategies consistent with your needs and targets, we control risks and rebalance your portfolio in order to seize market opportunities.

  • We tie most of our fees to your results.

What we don't do?

  • We don't touch your money. The execution of our investment recommendations always requires that you trade them through your financial intermediary.

  • We do not accept inducements from third parties. Our goal is to revalidate your confidence on a daily basis by generating return in your portfolio.

  • We do not sell products. We are specialists in financial investments.

Anchor 24/7

Our clients deserve to be up to date with the performance of their investments in an easy and intuitive way. 

Anchor 24/7 is the multi-device solution for Anchor clients that improves the access to your financial information, including details of statements, portfolios, operations, returns and taxation.

All your financial assets in a single click. You will find complete and up-to-date information about your holdings.


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