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Climate change, the end of armed conflicts and the eradication of hunger and poverty are some of the great challenges we are continually facing.

Companies, just like citizens, have a responsibility to care for and promote the improvement of the environment around them.

We are committed to the global challenges facing humanity and our advisory service for NGOs is based on the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

Our answer: careful and responsible investments

  • Alignment: we transfer the core values of the NGO to the financial arena through socially responsible investments, adapted to the entity's criteria.
  • Transparency: our reporting service will allow the NGO to see the social impact of its portfolio investments.
  • Independence: unlike other financial entities, at Anchor we prioritize NGO’s ethical principles when making investment decisions, free of conflicts of interest.
  • Planning: good financial planning of the NGO's resources can make all the difference when it comes to prospering.
  • Sustainability: NGOs must have an internal strategy to safeguard their assets. We help develop the plan so that the NGO can focus on its foundational objectives and not worry about the financial markets.