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Religious Entities

Religious Organizations

Values are above all else. The ethical principles of the institution are our guide. On this basis, our mission is to help the treasurer-Economo to achieve the financial goals of the entity.

What we do

  • We select the best investment ideas according to the vision and mission of the religious institution.
  • We design strategies consistent with your needs and goals, monitor risks and rebalance the portfolio to seize market opportunities.
  • We offer reporting with consolidation at different levels, exposing in a disaggregated manner the social impact of investments, disclosing both SDG and ESG objectives.

What we don’t do

  • We do not touch your money. The execution of our investment recommendations always requires execution by the entity.
  • We do not accept incentives from third parties. Our objective is to maintain the day-to-day trust of the institution's managers. 
  • We do not place products. We are specialists in financial investments.

Impact Investing

Through technological tools, we have the ability to discern socially responsible investments, aligned with the values of the institution.
This is a fundamental pillar that reinforces the non-profit nature of the entity, through sustainable investments that respect its values and generate a positive impact on the community.