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Foundations and Mutues

Foundations and Mutual companies

We take care of your assets

At Anchor, we take care of the smooth running of the foundation's or mutual company’s investments. 

We know that non-profit organizations are responsible for a wide range of activities. We are aware that each entity must be treated differently, offering a personalized service to each one of them.

Our mission is to assist the board of directors or the board of trustees in making financial decisions.

  • Alignment of interests: our duty is to apply the founding values and ethical criteria of the institution to the investment field.
  • To assist the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors in their relations with management companies, depositories, banks and other financial institutions.

Transform reality

The different foundational purposes of the entities are aimed at having a positive impact on society.

For this reason, we will be delighted to help the foundation ensure that this reason for being ends up leaving its mark on society.

Board of Trustees & Board of Directors

As the governing body of the foundation, the board of trustees is the highest exponent of the foundation. At Anchor, we believe that collaboration with the board of trustees is essential for the success of the foundation.

We work closely with the members of the board of trustees or the board of directors, who are responsible for managing the financial resources of the entity.

Impact Investing

Through technological tools, we have the capacity to discern socially responsible investments, aligned with the foundation's values.

This is a fundamental pillar that reinforces the non-profit nature of the entity, through sustainable financing and investments.